Chaperone Courses

Licenced Chaperones are the jewels of our dance school! Our lovely ladies step in to help look after the children if we have performances or in some cases competitions to take part in.

Certainly shows like Dance Vortex couldn’t go ahead without a huge bank of chaperones.

If your licence is up for renewal or you would like to become a chaperone for the first time, you need to attend a course run by your LOCAL county council.

The following dates are the next West Sussex courses that have spaces, if you would like to attend please contact us and we will put you in touch.

Monday 6th November 1000-1215
Wednesday 15th November 1000-1215
Thursday 11th January 1000-1215 

If you live in Surrey or East Sussex you cannot attend these course but contact us and we shall let you know the dates of the courses in your county.

Become a jewel


Timetable – Autumn Term 2017

Timetable for Autumn Term.

Term dates

Monday 11th September – Saturday 2nd December inclusive (more details)
Half Term (2 weeks), Monday 23rd October – Saturday 4th November.

Now that Show term is over, the timetable reverts back to its usual format.

We have some new classes starting, if you are interested in joining any of these or any of our existing classes please contact us and we shall book you in for a trial.

Class Timetable Autumn 2017


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

3.30-4.00 Baby Ballet
4.00-4.30 Pre-Primary Ballet
4.30-5.00 Primary Ballet
5.00-5.45 Level V Ballet
5.45-6.45 Senior Ballet
6.45-7.15 Pointe Work Class


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

3.45-4.15 Grade I Ballet
4.15-4.45 Grade II Ballet
4.45-5.30 Grade III Ballet
5.30-6.15 Grade IV Ballet
6.15-7.00 Intermediate Greek


Scout Hall

3.45-4.15 Pre-Primary Tap
4.15-4.45 Grade 1 Tap
4.45-5.30 Grade 2 Tap
5.30-6.15  Inter Foundation Greek


Scout Hall
Please note no class on 6 Oct due to Scout Jumble Sale – makeup class tbc

4.00-4.45 Grade 4 Tap
4.45-5.30 Intermediate Tap
5.30-6.15 Musical Theatre
6.15-7.00 Body Conditioning
7.00-7.45 Advanced 1 Tap



Trinity Methodist Church – Upstairs Hall

Theatre Festival Class​

9.00-10.00 Intermediate Modern
10.00-10.00 Junior & Intermediate Jazz
11.00-12.00 Senior Jazz
12.00-1.00 Advanced 2 Modern
1.00-1.45 Grade 4 Modern
1.45-2.45  Theatre Festival Class

Trinity Methodist Church – Downstairs Hall

9.00 – 10.00 Intermediate Ballet
10.00-11.00 Grade V Ballet
11.00-11.45 Grade III Greek
11.45-12.15 Grade II Greek
12.15-1.00 Grade 2 Modern
1.00-1.30 Advanced 1 Greek
Junior Modern – 5 years upwards *Waiting list open for Spring 2018

Praise for Dance Vortex

Dear All,

Huge congratulations on a really fantastic show – all the students and children were amazing!

I, Miss Jodie, Mrs Prime and Miss Donna are so very proud of you all and we have had some fabulous feedback and compliments (some of which are below).

A sincere thank you also to out wonderful Backstage Crew and Chaperones, you went above and beyond, my staff and I could not have done it without you.

I hope you all have a lovely summer holiday and I shall see you in September.

Love and Kisses,

Miss Kay

Hi, Just wanted to say a massive well done to all the dancers, teachers, chaperones and yourself – the show was amazing!!!  It was lovely to see Isabelle dance with confidence and she said today she could do it all again – the buzz she got from it was amazing. Thank you all again. Caroline x

Well done, congratulations and a massive thank you for all your hard work. Such a fabulous show, the best yet!! Love Lisa xxx

Wow! The show was AMAZING!! You should all be very proud! Emma x

To all the staff and teachers at Redhurst, Before the glow of the show fades I wanted to send an email to everyone at Redhurst towers to say thank you, thank you, thank you for planning, creating and producing such an amazing show which showcased the children in such a special way. I can see, from my very small part in it, the hours of work you all put in and I wanted to say it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated by parents or children. We feel quite bereft this morning that it is all over and don’t really know what to do with ourselves! Thanks again and I hope you all get at least some time to rest over the summer break! Helen x

Dear All, Thank you so much for putting on such an amazing show.  It was so special, slick, sharp and skilful. Marc’s parents watched last night and loved it so much booked this morning to come back again tonight. They thought it wouldn’t look out of place on the West End and I agree. Massive thanks to all the backstage helpers who did an amazing job – it all ran like clockwork (as far as I could tell!),  Enjoy a long, relaxing glass of wine and summer!
Huge thanks and much love, Vicki xxx

To Kay and everyone at Redhurst, I went to the show yesterday evening and I was so impressed. Well done to everyone involved – the students and teachers did a fantastic job. Thank you for giving Zoe the opportunity to be part of the show. She has really enjoyed the experience. All the best Catherine

The show was the best I’ve seen so far in my Redhurst history… Karen

Thank you all, Lucy thoroughly enjoyed being part of the show, wishing you all a lovely summer. Leanne

Thank you to all the staff at Redhurst, Sophia and Liv LOVED being a part of this fantastic show and experience. As a chaperone, I also had a ball and got to meet some really lovely people. All three of us feel on a ‘low’ since the show but have the best memories. Looking forward to a new year of dance have a lovely and restful summer xx Maria

I must say I have been around for a few shows now, and this was the most enjoyable and least stressful I can remember. I don’t want to mention names in case I miss anyone out! Thank you all for giving out kids this amazing and fantastic experience that they will always remember xx – Katy

I would like to thank Miss Kay, our teachers, my Vortex Angels (the amazing chaperones) and of course the wonderful dancers. At The Hawth today I have had lots of compliments about how good the show was from the ushers and technical staff. They see a LOT of shows so be proud, be very proud. Sam xxxx

I would like to add my congratulations and thanks to those you have already received. The show was stunning and Florence enjoyed her first experience on stage very much indeed! Ruth

It was an absolutely fabulous show – all the dances and costumes were so beautifully put together and a real joy to watch. Certainly both my girls had a brilliant time and Hannah could not have asked to have been a part of something so superb for her last show. We can’t wait for the DVD and photos! Miss Kay, Miss Jodie, Mrs Prime, Miss Donna, Sam and all the parents who helped with the costumes, props etc created a masterpiece – well done and thank you. Carolyn x

I have been meaning to email you both to thank you on what a great experience my daughters had rehearsing and taking part in the show. They really enjoyed the whole thing and it was great to see a few friendships developing between girls who aren’t at school together.

I have a friend who is 18 and she came to watch both evenings and bought her brothers back for the second evening! Another friend said how professional she thought the whole show was. Helen





Dance Vortex T-Shirts and Redhurst Hoodies

Show T-Shirts

As a souvenir of our dance show, t-shirts are now available to order.

Dance Vortex T-Shirt Order Form

T-shirts are available in black or purple with white show logo and made of traditional 100% cotton with a round-neck

Children’s sizes are £10.00 and Adults sizes are £12.00

Most of the children like to wear their t-shirts over their costumes during rehearsals and they form part of their uniform in some subjects during lessons.

Deadline: 24th June.

Chaperone’s T-Shirts

We can also order black t-shirts for Licenced Chaperones (for those who have/will be getting their licence) – these are not compulsory to purchase or wear. The cost for these are £10.00.  These are also on the Dance Vortex T-Shirt Order Form


Redhurst Hoodies

We shall also be putting in an order for Redhurst Hoodies this weekend.

These come in Black or Blue and sizes can be viewed on our Redhurst Uniform Form.

Please email all requirements and you will be invoiced accordingly.


Deadline: 24th June.


Payment can be made by enclosing a cheque with your order form made payable to

Redhurst Schools of Dancing SHOW FUND.



Timetable – Summer term 2017 (show term)

Here is the timetable for this year’s show term. Those parents who have been involved with a previous show will know that for show term the timetable moves around a little and then reverts to its normal format in September.

You will notice that a few of the classes have been combined. This will give us much more scope when choreographing our dances for the show.

We have tried to keep the children dancing on their usual dance day as much as possible but in certain cases a change has been unavoidable but we hope that the change in days / times where applicable are convenient.

The students who have just taken exams are in the next grade up (ie: last term’s Primary tap class are described below as Grade 1 Tap).

There are students who are preparing to take exams in the early part of next term, these students will have a curriculum class AS well as a show class until their exam. There will be a letter coming home very shortly about this.

There will be full details about the show coming home soon, and a form that you must sign to allow your child to take part. Please fill in the form promptly.

Please please do not panic! Further details will come out soon about the show, exams etc. If you are confused about when your child’s classes are, your invoice which is due in the next couple of days will hopefully answer your questions.

Please be patient with us, this timetable has taken many hours of preparation, this will be a great term with exciting things ahead.

Class Timetable Summer 2017


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

4.30-5.00 Pre-Primary Ballet and Primary Ballet
5.00-6.00 Grade IV Ballet and Grade V Ballet
6.00-7.00 Senior Ballet
7.00-7.30 Pointe Work Class


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

3.45-4.15 Grade I Ballet
4.15-4.45 Grade II Ballet
4.45-5.30 Grade III Ballet and Grade IV Ballet
5.30-6.15 Junior National
6.15-7.00 Senior National


Scout Hall

3.45-4.30 Grade I Tap and Grade II tap
4.30-5.15 Grade IV Tap and Intermediate Tap
5.15-6.15 Advanced 1 Tap


Scout Hall

Fridays will be kept free for Advanced 1 Exam coaching classes and extra festival and show rehearsals as required.
Separate information will be sent out regarding this.


Trinity Methodist Church – Upstairs Hall

9.00-10.00 Intermediate Jazz and  Intermediate Modern
10.00-11.00 Senior Jazz
11.00-12.00 Finale rehearsal
12.00-1.00 Opening number rehearsal
1.00-2.00 Junior Jazz and Grade 3 Modern
 2.00-2.30  Grade 3 Modern (exam class)

Trinity Methodist Church – Downstairs Hall

9.00 – 10.00 Intermediate Ballet (Curriculum class)
10.00-10.45 Grade IV Ballet (exam class)
10.45-11.30 Grade III Ballet (exam class)
11.30-12.15 Grade II and Grade III Greek
12.15-1.00 Grade I Modern
1.00-2.00 Inter-Foundation and Intermediate Greek