Tap and Modern exams – 30th June

Date:    30th June 2017

Venue: Scout Hut Moat Road.

Please read carefully

1. Candidates should arrive AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE stated time of examination and preferably a little earlier.

2. All uniform to be clean, please change on arrival. No vests, pants or over garments to be worn. No jewellery is to be worn under any circumstances!

3. All candidates should bring hair elastics, hair pins, hair grips, hair nets (with elastic edges), hair brush, comb and lacquer. Someone will be there to do hair if the candidate arrives in plenty of time.

4. Over 16s MUST bring the form of photograph ID registered with Redhurst

Downloadable procedures


Time  Name Genre Grade
15.25 Bethany Mitchell Tap Adv 1
 Grace Stroud Tap  Adv 1
 16.20 Tea
 16.35 Natasha Herriott Modern Grade5
Daisy Herriott Modern Grade5

Rescheduled Classes

Once again we apologise for the missed classes due to illness last week. Thankfully now we are back on track.

Please be aware that the makeup classes will take place as follows.

All Tuesday classes that were cancelled will be made up on Tuesday 28th March
All Wednesday classes that were cancelled will be made up on Wednesday 29th March.

Venues and times remain the same as usual.

We hope this is convenient.

Revision to the exam coaching classes. Ballet, Tap and Modern


As all the Ballet Examination are now taking place on Sunday 3rd April we have the Hall & pianist already booked and I would like to take advantage of this with the following additional rehearsals

Saturday 2nd – Brambletye School

10.00-11.00 Level III Ballet
11.00-11.45 Level II Ballet
12.00-12.30 Primary Ballet
12.30-13.30 Level IV Ballet

The above classes are offered free of charge and are not compulsory however if you can spare the time they would again be beneficial to the children!

Classes timetabled for Thursday 31st March remain the same:

Thursday 31st March – Brambletye Pre-Prep School

Primary 10.00-10.30
Level II 10.30-11.15
Level III 11.30-12.30
Level IV 12.30-13.30

Modern and Tap

As you will now see from the official timetable on the website the Grade 4 Modern Examinations are now taking place on Saturday 16th at Brambletye School and I would therefore like to give the children the opportunity to practice in that venue. The following changes will now take place.

Grade 4 Modern
Friday 1st April moves to Saturday 2nd 9.00-10.00
Wednesday 13th April moves to Thursday 14th April 17.30-18.30

Grade 2 Tap Coaching
Friday 1st April – 16.00-17.30 (extended rehearsal)
Wednesday 13th – 16.00-17.30 (extended rehearsal)

Friday Grade 2 Modern Set
Charlotte/Polly/Isabelle  – Wednesday 13th – 17.30-18.15

Primary & Grade 2 Modern
As before – Thursday 14th April – Brambletye School
16.00-17.00 Grade 2 Modern
17.00-17.30 Primary Modern

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause


You can download and print the schedule here.



Modern and Tap Exam Timetables – 15th / 16th April 2016

Now that we have everybody’s entries in, we are able to confirm that the Modern and Tap exams will take place on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th April 2016

FRIDAY 15th April 2016

11.30 Grade 2 Tap Emma Poole
Ella Ovington
Hayley Shern
Elsie Board
 12.10  Grade 2 Tap  Oliver Dallas
Georgia Kewell
Shannon Pinder
Genevieve Busby

12.50 LUNCH

13.50  Grade 2 – Tap Natalie Edwards
Georgia Hoad
 14.20  Grade 2 Modern Charlotte Edwards
Polly Hobbs
Isabelle Galloway

15.05 FINISH


SATURDAY 16th April 2016


 10.00  Primary Modern Cecily Korj
Giselle Currie
Phoebe Humphrey
 10.30  Primary Modern Samantha Keay
Anna Henderson
Elena Loach

11.00 COFFEE

11.15 Primary Modern Jessica Jenkins
Erin Wetheridge
Mable Hodges
11.45 Primary Modern Sophia Ally
Ellie Louis
Paige Simpson
Darcie Bennett

12.15 LUNCH

13.15  Grade 2 Modern Cora Lansdown
Sophie Wells
Evangelina Slack
Beth Currie
14.00  Grade 2 Modern Lexie Bradshaw
Violet Wallis
Daisy Scrivener

14.45 TEA

15.00 Grade 4 Modern Ella Ovington
Hayley Shern
Jessica Birmingham
Georgia Kewell

16.00 FINISH

Classes – Friday 11th March

Dear Parents,

I am writing to inform you that once again there will be a jumble sale at the Scout Hut on Saturday 12th March and therefore they will need to use the hall on the Friday before to prepare.

So unfortunately the Classes on Friday 11th March need to be postponed. There will be NO dance classes that day.

Instead the classes will be made up on Friday 15th April.

My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you but I hope you will all understand. The Scouts hold fundraising jumble sales twice a year and it was a condition when we hired the Scout Hut on a Friday that we would not require it on those dates.

Thank you for your support and understanding as always.

Kindest regards

Miss Kay

Ballet, Tap and Modern Exams.

The following dates have been set for the forthcoming exams.

2nd & 3rd April – Ballet
15th April – Tap and Modern
16th April – Modern.

Letters have been sent out to prospective candidates with further details.

You can also find them here.

Ballet Exam – April 2016

Tap & Modern Exams – April 2016

Please respond as soon as you can whether you want your child to be entered.

There have been many questions regarding the Greek exams. As many children are doing Ballet, Tap and Modern this term it has been decided to leave the Greek exams until the end of next term.


Tap Exam Timetable – 4th December 2015

4th December

Scout Hut – Moat Road

Tap Exams

10.00 – Primary

Isabelle Galloway
Polly Hobbs
Neve Johnson
Katrina Mutimba

10.35 – Primary

Sophie Wells
Esme Vaughan
Maddie Ovington

11.05 – Coffee

11.20 – Primary

Talia Valles
Ella Stocker
Iris Korj

11.50 – Primary

Sophia Ally
Paige Simpson
Darcie Bennett

12.20 – lunch

13.20 – Inter

Hannah Weir
Harriet Clare

14.05 – Inter

Chloe Marcham
Bethany Mitchell
Grace Stroud

15.05 – Tea

15.20 – Inter

Alicia Ally
Erin Dallas

16.05 – finish

Ballet Exam Timetable – Click Here

Exam Timetable – December 2015