Greek Exams – February ’18

Date:    25th February 2018

Venue: Brambletye Pre-Prep Primary

Please read carefully

1. Candidates should arrive AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE stated time of examination and preferably a little earlier.

2. All uniform to be clean, please change on arrival. No vests, pants or over garments to be worn. No jewellery is to be worn under any circumstances!

3. All candidates should bring hair elastics, hair pins, hair grips, hair nets (with elastic edges), hair brush, comb and lacquer. Someone will be there to do hair if the candidate arrives in plenty of time.

4. Over 16s MUST bring the form of photograph ID registered with Redhurst

        5. Please remember any Cds for individual dances & any Props etc that you require!


Time First Name and Surname Genre Grade
10.00 Alice Hay Greek 3
Beth Currie Greek 3
Evangelina Slack Greek 3
10.40 Talia Valles Greek 3
Polly Hobbs Greek 3
Isabelle Galloway Greek 3
11.20 Coffee
11.35 Paige Simpson Greek 3
Elodie Ansell Greek 3
Darcie Bennett Greek 3
12.15 Sophia Ally Greek 3
Ellie Louis Greek 3
12.50 LUNCH
15.20 TEA
15.35 Alicia Ally Greek ADV 1
16.50 FINISH