Braver than you Believe

Next term’s timetable will be with you shortly, thank you for your patience while we have been sorting it out! It has been no mean feat.

? Announcement ?

The show this year will be dedicated in memory of Mrs Pat Prime who taught our dancers for many years and was much loved by all. 

?Pat loved Winnie the Pooh stories (based in our local Ashdown Forest), and for this reason, we are going with something a little different as a show name this year.

? Braver than you Believe ?

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East Grinstead Music and Arts Festival 2019

The following dances have been entered into the East Grinstead Music and Arts Festival (EGMAF) 2019

Dates: 6, 7,   13, 14,   27, 28  April 2019

 Chequer Mead Community Arts Centre, De La Warr Road, East Grinstead, RH19 3BS
Telephone 01342 302000

Adjudicator: Angela Whittle LISTD

Georgia KewellGreek Solo
13 years
13th April15.05
Ellie LouisModern Solo
12 years
7th April15.11
Darcie BennettBallet Solo
11 years
7th April16.21
Georgia KewellBallet Solo
13 years
13th April18.37
Alicia Ally Greek Solo
15-21 years
13th April 19.44
Jessica SaundersGreek Solo
15.21 years
13th April19.44
Sophia AllyGreek Solo
11 years
14th April9.30
Darcie BennettGreek Solo
11 years
14th April9.30
Paige SimpsonGreek Solo
11 years
14th April9.30
Sophia AllyModern Solo
11 years
14th April12.18
Darcie BennettModern Solo
11 years
14th April12.18
Paige SimpsonModern Solo
11 years
14th April12.18
Sophie WellsModern Solo
11 years
14th April12.18
Millie Coombs
Elena Loach
Grace Louis
Classical Trio/Quartet
10 and under
27th April11.10
Effie Foster
Mabel Hodges
Jessica Jenkins
Maisie Lansdown
Classical Trio/Quartet
10 and under
27th April11.10
Erin DallasContemporary
15-21 years
27th April11.54
Lucy, Millie, Gigi,
Effie, Mabel, Jessica J,
Maisie, Elena, Grace,
Daisy M, Daisy S, Ella, Rosa, Violet
Group (Greek)
10 and under
27th April14.15
Erin DallasLyrical Modern
15-21 years
27th April14.47
Elodie, Evie, Darcie,
Suzanne, Isabelle, Alice,
Polly, Ellie, Paige, Talia
Group (Greek)
14 and under
27th April17.45
Beth Currie
Polly Hobbs
Evie Slack
Classical Trio
14 and under
27th April18.47
Alicia AllyModern Solo
15-21 years
27th April19.22
Erin DallasModern Solo
15-21 years
27th April19.22
Darcie Bennett
Paige Simpson
Classical Duet
14 and under
28th April14.38
Sophie Clark
Olivia Ody
Classical Duet
14 and under

28th April

Jessica B, Genevieve, Sophie C,
Rachel, Lily, Tricia, Daisy H,
Natasha, Georgia K, Daisy M,
Kanyinsola, Olivia, Ella, Emma,
Jessica S, Hayley, Imogen, Hannah S
Isabelle W
Group (Greek)
under 21
28th April16.45
Sophia, Elodie, Darcie, Erin,
Daisy H, Georgia H, Ellie H,
Georgia K, Ellie L, Daisy M,
Jessica S, Kate, Paige, Evie
Isabelle W, Sophie W
Troupe (Modern)
under 21
28th April18.55

Please check the above times against the dance programme overview

Help! Inspiration needed

So, we know that the next Redhurst show is scheduled in July.

We need a name!

On previous occasions, our parents and friends have given us some fabulous ideas and we hope that you will do the same this time!

Recent previous shows have included

2017: Dance Vortex
2015: Dance Infinity
2013: A Chance to Dance
2011: Dance Momentum
2009: A Dance Extravaganza
2007: Time to Dance

2019? It is over to you!

Enter on our social media pages or send an email to Once the name is chosen we can get started on the artwork. How exciting 🙂

Modern Exam Timetable – February 2019

Venue: Brambletye Pre-Prep Primary
Details: Click here
Over 16s: please bring proof of ID as registered with Redhurst.

Sunday 3rd February

10.00 hloe, Polly & Neve
11.15Elodie, Darcie, Ellie & Paige
12.15Kanyinsola & Jessica S
13.45Jessica B, Georgia K & Natalie

Sunday 10th February

10.00 Beth, Evie, Katrina & Sophie
11.10 Lily & Natasha
12.10 Isabelle & Daisy H
13.40Georgia H & Daisy M
14.40Ellie H, Alicia & Jessica M

Fleur Jones

Cert Dance Ed.
M. A. (Ballet Studies)
Examiner I.S.T.D.

Fleur Jones is a Graduate of the Royal Ballet School Teachers Training Course and has been an ISTD Imperial Ballet Examiner since 2003. She is a highly experienced teacher having taught for over 25yrs both in the UK and abroad.  She owned and directed Stonelands School of Ballet and Theatre Arts for over 7 years and now is Principal of Milestones School of Ballet for the last 3yrs. She has also worked as full time senior ballet teacher at Masters Performing Arts College and The Margaret Howard Theatre College, the Art of Dance and Fitness and Deborah Lamb Theatre Arts.

She has the ability to work with children and young people at all levels having a particular skill of working with ‘once a week’ children through to professional students. She is a highly motivated and directed professional and has had a strong track record of obtaining excellent results. Past students of Fleur’s include soloists with The Royal Ballet Company and leading artists in West End shows.

Fleur was the recipient of the ISTD Mavdor Scholarship in 1998 and gained her Master of Arts Degree in Ballet Studies from the University of Surrey and the University of Roehampton, in 2007. 

For 3 years Fleur has had the pleasure of being asked to choreograph and teach the Intermediate Ballet Class at the ISTD Senior Ballet Awards and has taught masterclasses at the ISTD scholars program and the ISTD Spring program. She has also adjudicated at both the Junior and Senior ISTD Ballet awards over the years.

Fleur has full Teacher’s liability insurance and  is DBS checked.

*New Junior Jazz Class

*New Junior Jazz Class

There will be a new Junior Class starting in the Spring term.

The class will take place between 1.45 and 2.15pm (30 minutes) on Saturday afternoons at the Trinity Methodist Church Hall during term times.

The class will be taken by Miss Jodie and suitable for those 10 years and upwards or 9 if they currently take Grade 3 Modern to a good standard.

If you are interested in trialling this class in September please contact us at