Children’s Mental Health Week.

We know that lockdown and the disruption to our lives has been tough on everyone, in particular our young people. We are very pleased that we can help a little with our online lessons that bring structure, routine, social interaction and exercise to break up the week. All of which is good for mental health.

We hope to get back into our halls as soon as we are able, but until then, we are very thankful that Miss Michelle and Miss Fleur are happy to continue to make their lessons fun and accessible. We appreciate the positive feedback we have had from many of you.

You may have seen publicity this week regarding Children’s Mental Health Week, and we have tried to include some different activities, as well as usual exercises, We hope that the lessons go some way to help alleviate the isolation that lockdown brings. Don’t forget the teachers and myself are on hand should you need extra support.

If your child is particularly struggling and in need of professional help, we would like to bring your attention to . St. Fegan’s is a Christian Charity who provides support for families and counselling for children. They are a local organisation and very accessible.

Read more here.

Take care and keep safe.

Miss Kay and the teaching faculty xxx