Redhurst Uniform

At Redhurst Schools of Dancing we like our students to look and feel the part, so please ensure that they have the correct uniform at each lesson.


List of Redhurst Uniform – 2016 |

Order form

We also carry a certain amount of Second Hand Uniform that has kindly been donated. All money raised from the sale of this goes towards the showfund.

Second hand uniform


If you have any questions regarding uniform,  please use the contact form below or email


You can order uniform from us by filling out the attached order form and giving it to your class teacher alternatively you can also use the contact form below to order your uniform and you will be invoiced accordingly.


If you are using the contact form please give all information required, you can also use this order form to ask any general uniform questions.


We hold a certain amount of uniform in stock – If we haven’t already got your item, we will order from the supplier once we have a few order forms in, approx once each half term, and cover the postage and handling.

We can order uniform before then but we would ask that you cover the cost of the handling and postage charge that we incur. We can let you know in advance how much that would be.


Please note: This form gets forwarded to the parent responsible for ordering uniform, not Miss Kay or a class teacher.

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