Tap Exams

Please see/click below for the timetable for tap exams that will take place at the Scout Hall Moat Road on Friday 7th April.

Instructions and further details about timings/ what to bring and what to expect – click here.

Time First Name and Surname Genre Grade
10.00 Elena Loach Tap Prim
  Bella Rykala Tap Prim
  Giselle Currie Tap Prim
10.30 Effie Foster Tap Prim
  Millie Coombs Tap Prim
  Grace Louis Tap Prim
11.00 COFFEE    
11.15 Isabelle Galloway Tap G1
  Elodie Ansel Tap G1
  Holly Wright Tap G1
11.45 Chloe Lacey Tap G1
  Maddie Ovington Tap G1
  Maisie Holloway Tap G1
  Polly Hobbs Tap G1
12.20 Esme Vaughan Tap G1
  Ellie Louis Tap G1
  Neve Johnson Tap G1
12.50 LUNCH    
13.50 Talia Valles Tap G1
  Ella Stocker Tap G1
  Katrina Mutimba Tap G1
14.20 Charlie Stripp Tap G1
  Paige Simpson Tap G1
  Darcie Alyce Kinver Bennett Tap G1
14.50 Daisy Silva Tap G3
  Clover Silva Tap G3
  Annie Pinder Tap G3
15.30 Ella Ovington Tap G3
  Georgia Kewell Tap G3
  Emma Poole Tap G3
16.10 FINISH