Timetable – Autumn Term 2019

Term dates

Autumn Term – 10 weeks

Monday 9th September – Saturday 30th November inclusive
Half – Term Monday 21st October – Saturday 2nd November inclusive (2 weeks)

There is a new class starting on Wednesday September 11th.
Primary Greek, from 6 years,
Please note *Grade 3 Tap has moved to Fridays and Body Conditioning has moved to Saturdays.


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

3.30-4.00Baby Ballet
4.00-4.30Pre-Primary Ballet
4.30-5.00Primary Ballet
5.00-5.45Grade IV Ballet
5.45-6.45Grade V Ballet
6.45-7.15Pointe Work Class
7.15-8.15 Grade V Ballet


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

4.15-4.45Primary Ballet (A / Exam Class)
4.45-5.15 Grade II Ballet
5.15-6.00Grade III Ballet
6.00-7.00Intermediate Greek


Scout Hall

4.00-4.30Primary Greek (*new class)
4.30-5.00 Primary Tap
5.00-5.45 Grade 2 Tap


Scout Hall

3.45-4.30Grade 3 Tap (*new day)
4.30-5.30Grade 5 Tap
5.30-6.15Musical Theatre
6.15-7.15Advanced 1 Tap


Trinity Methodist Church – Upstairs Hall

9.00-10.00Advanced 1 Modern
10.00-11.00Intermediate Jazz
11.00-12.00Senior Jazz
12.00-12.45Body Conditioning (*new day)
12.45-13.45Grade 5 Modern
13.45-14.15 Junior Jazz

Trinity Methodist Church – Downstairs Hall

10.30-11.00Primary Modern (*new class)
11.00-11.45Grade IV Greek
11.45-12.15Grade III Greek
12.15-13.00Grade 3 Modern
13.00-13.30 Grade 1 Modern

Dates to note:

Fundraising Events
More details to follow. We are looking for new members to join our fundraising team. Please get in touch if you could help or you have a particular skill to offer.