Timetable: Autumn Term 2021

We hope to continue running live classes during the Autumn term.

Autumn 2021 – 10 weeks

Monday 13th September – Saturday 4th December
Half Term – Monday 18th October – Saturday 30th October inclusive (2 weeks)


Mondays: To make room for a new Pre School Ballet class at 3.30pm, each class has been moved forward 30mins. Children will stay in the same class (30 mins later) unless notified.

Tuesdays: The Tuesday primary ballet class (4.45-5.15pm) will now start working towards the Grade 1 class examination certificate. The existing Grade 1 class (4.15-4.45pm) are working towards their exam and will become Grade 2 after exams have taken place next term.

Fridays: To make room for a beginner’s tap class at 3.45pm, each class has been moved forward 30mins. Children will stay in the same class (30 mins later) unless notified.

Please contact us if you have a child interested in our new classes.


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

3.30-4.00Pre School Ballet (New class)
4.00-4.30Pre-Primary Ballet class 1
4.30-5.00Pre-Primary Ballet class 2
5.00-5.30Primary Ballet
5.30-6.15Grade IV Greek
6.15-7.00Grade IV Ballet
7.00-8.00Intermediate Ballet
8.00-8.30Pointe Class


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

3.45-4.15Grade 2 Modern
4.15-4.45Grade I Ballet (exam class)
4.45-5.15Grade I Ballet (previously Primary)
5.15-6.00Grade III Ballet
6.00-6.30Grade 3 Greek
6.30-7.15Grade IV Ballet
7.15-8.00Intermediate Greek


Scout Hall

3.45-4.15Grade 1 Tap
4.15-4.45Grade 1 Greek
4.45-5.15Grade 3 Tap


Scout Hall

3.45-4.15Beginner’s Tap – 5yrs + (New Class)
4.15-5.00Musical Theatre
5.00-5.30Body Conditioning
5.30-6.15Grade 4 Tap
6.15-7.15Intermediate Tap


Trinity Methodist Church – Upstairs Hall

8.45-9.30Advanced 1 Tap (changed to the Scout Hall)
9.45-10.30Senior Jazz
10.30-11.15Advanced 1 Modern
11.15-12.00Intermediate Jazz
12.00-12.45Grade 5 Modern
12.45-1.30Grade 4 Modern
1.30-2.00Junior Jazz

Dates to note:

Fundraising Events

Exam Dates:

Friday 19th November or Friday 3rd December – Scout Hall
Tap: Grade 4 & Advanced 1
Modern: Grade 5

Friday 3rd December – Scout Hall 
Modern: Grade 4,
Tap: Grade 3

Friday 10th December – Scout Hall
Greek: Grade 4 & Grade 3

Wednesday 15th December – Trinity Methodist Church 
Ballet: Level 1 , Level 3, Level 4, Grade 4, Intermediate


7-9th July 2022 Hawth Theatre Crawley