Timetable – Spring term 2018

Timetable for Spring term

Term dates

Monday 8th January – Saturday 24th March inclusive (more details)
Half – Term Monday 12th February – Saturday 17th February** inclusive (except see below)

**Please note: Miss Jodie will not be teaching on 24th February but will teach these classes on Saturday 17th February instead


Redhurst Spring 2018 timetable (Downable link)


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

3.30-4.00 Baby Ballet
4.00-4.30 Pre-Primary Ballet
4.30-5.00 Primary Ballet
5.00-6.00 Grade V Ballet *New time
6.00-7.00 Senior Ballet *New time
7.00-7.30 Pointe Work Class *New time


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

3.45-4.15 Grade I Ballet
4.15-4.45 Grade II Ballet
4.45-5.30 Grade III Ballet
5.30-6.15 Grade IV Ballet
6.15-7.00 Intermediate Greek


Scout Hall

3.45-4.15 Pre-Primary Tap
4.15-4.45 Grade 1 Tap
4.45-5.30 Grade 2 Tap
5.30-6.15  Inter Foundation Greek


Scout Hall

4.00-4.45 Grade 4 Tap
4.45-5.30 Intermediate Tap
5.30-6.15 Musical Theatre
6.15-7.00 Body Conditioning
7.00-7.45 Advanced 1 Tap



Trinity Methodist Church – Upstairs Hall

9.00-10.00 Intermediate Modern
10.00-10.00 Junior & Intermediate Jazz
11.00-12.00 Senior Jazz
12.00-1.00 Advanced 2 Modern
1.00-1.45 Grade 4 Modern
1.45-2.45  Theatre Festival Class

Trinity Methodist Church – Downstairs Hall

9.00 – 10.00 Intermediate Ballet
10.00-11.00 Grade V Ballet
11.00-11.45 Grade III Greek
11.45-12.15 Grade II Greek
12.15-1.00 Grade 2 Modern
1.00-1.30  Junior Modern – 5 years upwards *New Class
1.30-2.00 Advanced 1 Greek *New time

Changes this term:

The majority of classes remain at the same time however the Grade 5 Ballet class on a Monday has been extended by 15mins, therefore Senior Ballet and Point Class will start 15mins later.

There is a new Junior Modern Class for children 5 years and upwards on Saturday between 1.00pm and 1.30pm taught by Miss Kay.

Advanced 1 Greek has been moved to 1.3pm on a Saturday.

We have some new classes starting, if you are interested in joining any of these or any of our existing classes please contact us and we shall book you in for a trial.

Other dates to note:

Miss Jodie cannot teach on 24th Feb, makeup classes will be on the 17th
Richmond Festival: 12 – 17 February 2018
Exams: Grade 3 Greek and Advanced 1 Greek: Sunday 25th February.
Jumble Sale at Scout Hut: Friday 23rd March (no classes) Make up class tbc
Week 9 (12-17 March): Fundraising Week
Week 10 (19-24 March): Watching Week for Grades 3 and below.

Sunday 1st July, Cats Protection League Open Day.