Timetable: Spring Term 2022

We hope to continue running live classes during the Spring term at Trinity Methodist Church and The Scout Hall


Monday 10th January – Saturday 26th March inclusive
Half Term – Monday 21st – Saturday 26th February


We have changed the classes around for this half term in preparation for the show!

Please check carefully, your child may have two classes to attend in they are taking an exam.


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

3.30-4.00Pre School Ballet
4.00-4.30Pre-Primary Ballet class 1
4.30-5.00Pre-Primary Ballet class 2
5.00-5.30Primary Ballet
5.30-6.15Intermediate Greek
6.15-7.15Ballet Technique Class
7.15-7.45Inter and Adv 1 Ballet (Show)
7.45-8.30Pointe Work Class


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

3.45-4.15Grade 2 Modern (Exam)
4.15-4.45Grade II Ballet
4.45-5.15Grade I Ballet
5.15-6.00Grade I and 4 Greek (Show)
6.00-6.45Grade IV and V Ballet
6.45-7.30Senior Greek
7.30-8.00Leaver’s Dance


Scout Hall

3.45-4.15Grade 1 Tap (Exam)
4.15-4.45Grade 1 Greek (Exam)


Scout Hall

3.45-4.30 Beginner’s and Grade 1 Tap (Show) 
4.30-5.00 Grade 2 Modern (Show)
5.00-6.00 Intermediate Tap (Exam)
6.00-6.45 Musical Theatre
6.45-7.30 Grade 4 and 5 Tap (show)


Scout Hall

8.45-9.30 Inter and  Advanced 2 Tap (Show)

Trinity Methodist Church Hall

9.45-11.30 Senior Jazz / Inter Jazz / Advanced 1 Modern
11.30-12.15 Grade 6 Modern
12-15-13.00 Body Conditioning
13.00-13.45 Grade 5 Modern
13.45-14.30 Grade 5 Modern / Junior Jazz


Easter Raffle – email sent

Exam Dates: 25th March

Grade 2 Modern
Grade 1 Tap
Grade 1 Greek
Intermediate Tap

Proposed Beckenham (Autumn Term)

9th July 2022 Hawth Theatre Crawley – rehearsal schedule and more information coming soon.