Timetable – Summer term 2017 (show term)

Here is the timetable for this year’s show term. Those parents who have been involved with a previous show will know that for show term the timetable moves around a little and then reverts to its normal format in September.

You will notice that a few of the classes have been combined. This will give us much more scope when choreographing our dances for the show.

We have tried to keep the children dancing on their usual dance day as much as possible but in certain cases a change has been unavoidable but we hope that the change in days / times where applicable are convenient.

The students who have just taken exams are in the next grade up (ie: last term’s Primary tap class are described below as Grade 1 Tap).

There are students who are preparing to take exams in the early part of next term, these students will have a curriculum class AS well as a show class until their exam. There will be a letter coming home very shortly about this.

There will be full details about the show coming home soon, and a form that you must sign to allow your child to take part. Please fill in the form promptly.

Please please do not panic! Further details will come out soon about the show, exams etc. If you are confused about when your child’s classes are, your invoice which is due in the next couple of days will hopefully answer your questions.

Please be patient with us, this timetable has taken many hours of preparation, this will be a great term with exciting things ahead.

Class Timetable Summer 2017


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

4.30-5.00 Pre-Primary Ballet and Primary Ballet
5.00-6.00 Grade IV Ballet and Grade V Ballet
6.00-7.00 Senior Ballet
7.00-7.30 Pointe Work Class


Trinity Methodist Church Hall

3.45-4.15 Grade I Ballet
4.15-4.45 Grade II Ballet
4.45-5.30 Grade III Ballet and Grade IV Ballet
5.30-6.15 Junior National
6.15-7.00 Senior National


Scout Hall

3.45-4.30 Grade I Tap and Grade II tap
4.30-5.15 Grade IV Tap and Intermediate Tap
5.15-6.15 Advanced 1 Tap


Scout Hall

Fridays will be kept free for Advanced 1 Exam coaching classes and extra festival and show rehearsals as required.
Separate information will be sent out regarding this.


Trinity Methodist Church – Upstairs Hall

9.00-10.00 Intermediate Jazz and  Intermediate Modern
10.00-11.00 Senior Jazz
11.00-12.00 Finale rehearsal
12.00-1.00 Opening number rehearsal
1.00-2.00 Junior Jazz and Grade 3 Modern
 2.00-2.30  Grade 3 Modern (exam class)

Trinity Methodist Church – Downstairs Hall

9.00 – 10.00 Intermediate Ballet (Curriculum class)
10.00-10.45 Grade IV Ballet (exam class)
10.45-11.30 Grade III Ballet (exam class)
11.30-12.15 Grade II and Grade III Greek
12.15-1.00 Grade I Modern
1.00-2.00 Inter-Foundation and Intermediate Greek