Pre-School – Reception Classes

Boys and girls can join the Baby Ballet class at 3 years of age continuing to Pre-Primary at 4 and a half years until they join the Primary Ballet. These are fun classes encouraging the children’s use of imagination and musicality as well as developing through simple exercises co-ordination, poise and confidence before moving to more structured dance training.

Primary Grade – Vocational Grades (student level)

At the age of 6 pupils move on to a structured method of training from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) Examination Board. Whilst still promoting the joy of dance the children are encouraged to develop the skills and artistry of a classical ballet technique and have the opportunity if they wish to take examinations once the standard of their grade is achieved. 

Ballet Uniform

Modern Theatre Dance

These classes start for children aged 5 up to Vocational/Student level. This is a popular energetic and fun dance style where the pupils study the ISTD Modern Theatre Dance syllabi. The syllabus is designed to develop a range of movements, flexibility, musical styles and most of all, confidence and a sense of performance.

Modern Uniform

Tap Dance

Tap is a rhythmical and theatrical form of dance often seen in musicals and stage productions. The dancer’s feet are their instrument as they create and produce sounds and rhythms by striking the metal plates on their shoes onto the floor. Classes are held for 5 year olds up to Vocational/Student level. 

Tap Uniform

Jazz Dance

This is a lively dance form associated with up to date music and dance styles such as Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Contemporary. It is a more complex style requiring flexibility, strength and fitness but gives the dancer ways of exploring different movements and developing an individual style and sense of performance.  Students can join jazz class from 10 years old.

Jazz Uniform  

Classical Greek

A style accessible to all physiques providing great enjoyment and an opportunity to be creative and expressive, at the same time developing musicality, strength, balance, poise, line and design. It was inspired by Classical ideals and diverse in quality of movement from Lyrical to Athletic and Bacchic to Pyrrhic. The Vocational/Student level provides the opportunity for study of mythology and historical background. Primary Greek classes start from 6 years old.

Greek Uniform

Musical Theatre

This is a fun class focusing on building confidence with drama-games and improvisation skills. We cover basic singing skills and song performance with movement/dance skills. We currently do not take exams in Musical Theatre and it generally is not a performance-based class. The Musical Theatre class is open to students from 12 years upwards.

Body Conditioning

This is a class consisting of a cardio vascular warm up followed by a focused strength building programme and deep stretching. Lots of core strengthening work, upper body strength and leg strength is used to support those pupils/students who wish to maximise their dance training. (12 years upwards).